As a Hummingbird is a symbol of impossible flight, it's a kind of spirit animal that teaches us to navigate the journey of our lives through playfulness, it gives us the confidence and endurance needed as we move through the passage of life and gifts us joy for our efforts. With great control, it teaches us to move swiftly when the time is right and pursue our goals with vitality. It brings sweetness and is known as the Nectar of Life. 

Hummingbird Passage is a program for leaders and mentors interested in facilitating immersive experiences designed to empower participants while building confidence, connection, and civic-minded individuals. It includes mindfulness practices, training in resilience, and opportunities for reflection through recreational or vocational immersion. 



We see mentors as pollinators.

There are points in every person's life that directly influence the direction taken. Hummingbird Passage seeks to empower leaders to share their passion with others in a structured 12-week program where participants are viewed as the hero or heroine of their lives. Each week participants enjoy 2.5 hours in an experience (the immersion) they have identified as being a perfect day for them.


Weeks 1 - 3 participants Enter the Unknown: focus is on developing trust in the group, identifying personal strengths, setting boundaries, limits, and expectations, building competence in the activity


Weeks 4 - 6 participants begin the Road of Trials: in a safe and supportive environment, participants begin to experience challenging activities within the enjoyable experience to strengthen already useful skills, develop tolerance to distress, learn new coping strategies to better manage future discomfort


Weeks 7 - 9 participants feel the Boon of Success: having overcome the obstacles in weeks past and pressed to their limits, participants are now enjoying the benefit of feeling confident in the new environment and new tasks.


Weeks 10 - 12 the new skills and experiences become Integrated into the participant's life. They are encouraged to continue practicing the skills learned and the unique benefits they bring to the team, and how they have stood out as individuals.

The pilot program of Hummingbird Passage is an Equine Immersion Program to Empower Women Leaders Scheduled to launch this summer.